Details by Maticevski.

It is that time of the year again where I gather my team and we cross the pacific and make the journey to New York Fashion Week to be inspired for the year ahead.

After landing and giving myself a few days to shop and recuperate, we've launched ourselves into work and have our first story to share. 

When home in Brisbane planning this NYC trip, I thought to myself who is the most iconic name in Australian fashion? Without a doubt it's Toni Matic. 

Maticevski balances fashion & art like no-one else. His eye for elegance and for what makes a woman feel chic is something he achieves each collection. When you see someone wearing a Maticevski piece you automatically know that she is a woman with both edge and class.

Now, I am aware that I am a man, but as all of you know I don't conform to gender rules within my wardrobe nor do I let it dictate where I shop. With this said Maticevski makes room for people like me to feel welcomed into his magical world, which I'm forever grateful.

Photography by Tamika Keioskie. 

Styled by Joshua Kilroy 

Jacket & Gloves by Maticevski.