Retail Report: Gold Rush

Statement pieces don't have to be all chunky, loud and blingy, baby. Your ensemble can have the same impact with delicate yet structural pieces. And, of course, in my favourite colour, gold.

Frankly, fine pieces tend to stand out more on your skin and clothing, especially when the light hits chain and crystal features.

I love classic pieces that have some kind of a twist.

These designs are architectural in structure with a dash of sophistication. Small moments of design make me so happy and these pieces are perfect to scatter around any outfit.

I mean, how f'ing cool is the Ryan Storer backwards neck cuff - it's like adding earrings to your collar. So fresh with a constructed twist!  These pieces got me feelin' the gold rush.

In other words:

"I always f'ing wear gold".

*Drops mic*


Photography by: Tamika Keioskie