Sunday Report: The Shades you need to Shop Right Now

We don't all have an obsession with sunglasses, but honestly, we all should. Standout shades are the perfect way to complete an outfit. Occasionally, I start my outfit with shades in mind, working from the top down. It's all about matching the metals, and with a pair of amazing sunnies add the finesse to your ensemble.

In my last post, I spoke about statement jewellery. Today it’s all about making a different statement with a pair of perfectly crafted Italian-made sunglasses. Shades allow you to make your outfit fun, because why be drab when you can be fab.

Although, I’m known to adorn a pair of high-end designer (in more ways than sunglasses) shades, the difference between a factory mass produced frame to a handmade Italian frame is proof in the pudding, baby.

I'm talkin' SUPER, Victoria Beckham, Thom Browne and Frency & Mercury. These brands not only absolutely nail it with design, their construction is from the highest quality materials, you can literally feel that with every touch; from opening the frames to placing upon your temples.

18ct gold finishes, Polarized lenses….I mean, halloo?

Sidenote: I clearly have a thing for mirrored lenses


Victoria Beckham Classic
Frency & Mercury Muse
Thom Browne Aviator
SUPER Classic
SUPER Flat Top

Shot by Tamika Keioskie