MBFWA: Dion Lee Ascends the Bloomberg

Ushered to a rooftop terrace on the 28th floor of the Bloomberg building overlooking Sydney metro, TYSON & PEPPA favourite Dion Lee was setting the scene for a unique and standout collection.

Tall beams of light were illuminated and the first pair of slouchy stocking-esque heels pounded onto the polished timber catwalk.

Delicately revealed shoulders were set against laced coil corsetry elements and short corsets reinforcing a theme of perspective and distortion. 

Swarovski collaborated on the collection to create TYSON & PEPPA’s favourite looks of the show where the world renowned Austrian glass crystal was crocheted into a zesty hued micro-mini dress.

Beautiful light weight fabrics perfect for the TYSON & PEPPA woman were seen in long rib-knit cotton, citrus zesty green silks, lightweight stocking heels, and open shouldered cotton blouses.

Arabella TP