STREET FORMATION: Nothing Is Impossible.

Hey Fam,

How are you all? I am Hoping that Halloween didn't do too much damage to your livers & sweet tooths!  

I have not been on here in a minute, so let me start by saying firstly, I AM SORRY! But I am glad to see you are all still double tapping those Instagram posts!

So, my new secret which I am about to share with you is a designer I have been working with here in Australia for a little while and his name Daniel and his amazing business is Alter Ego Design Brisbane. 

Daniel makes bespoke, custom pieces from day-to-day looks all the way to bespoke hand crafted wedding gowns. He is a freak of nature and very very talented! 

Daniel and his team work here in Brisbane and will/can create absolutley anything your fashion heart desires! 

So that little outfit you think you can't find anywhere or that embellished Gucci bomber you've been eyeing but didn't want to fork out $5000 for are all redly available for the making! Just get your inspiration images together, mention ME and call the team now! 

Alter Ego Brisbane are located at 482 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD Australia.

PH (07) 3358 1930


Let your imagination create your perfect wardrobe. 


Silk PJ top custom by Alter Ego Designs. 

Shop Re/DONE jeans

Ermenegildo Zegna - Stretch-modal T-shirt - Black

Anna Sui x Macy's Loafers. 

Joshua Kilroy