La la-la la la,
Warm it up.
The boys are waiting

My 15 year old self (insert 'Kelis - Milkshake') had me booty poppin' all over the school yard, classrooms & of course those coca-cola dance party's... I owned them... LOL!

In honour of all things that remind me of the wild times that were the 2000's, here is a little milkshake moment for us all to share.

In high school I really lived for and loved all things fashion & hip-hop. I must admit that I was always reppin' chokers & oversized tee's. The gal-pals loved it too as I would chuck one on them, belt it, and for that night they were the total 'It' girl personified. #GETINTOIT

Even though somethings may change over time, you can always count on the person you were yesterday to guide you into the stylish person you'll become tomorrow.

And if that fails call me, I'll sort a bitch out! X


Tee - ASOS Oversized Tee in Pink Velour.

Leather Pants: Willow.

Sneakers: VANS.

Bomber: Mother Denim.

Necklaces: Ryan Storer.

Eyewear: Sunday Social.

Clutch: Dior. 

Rings: Natasha Schweitzer.