Street Formation: DEAD STUDIOS

It's no secret I'm not shy of wearing women's clothing ('allo Givency track-slacks), so it goes without saying that I totally dig a babe who dons mens attire. Especially when it involves a Dead Studios candy moth sweater.

Here you have a classic story of one item two ways. This sweater is a fab choice for keeping things smart casual, by adding a little flavour with a red sequin dress and corset. 

Or in my case, doubling up on the Givenchy, of course, and adding an epic pair of shades to keep things interesting.


Jumper - Dead Studios
Sweatpants - Givenchy
Tee - ASOS
Slide - Givenchy
Jewellery - Natasha Schweitzer
Watch - Seiko USA
Sunglasses - Chanel

Charlotte Morton: 

Sequin dress underneath - YOUSEF AKBAR
Corset - Alex Perry
Shoes: Jaggar Footwear 

Photography by Tamika Keoskie

Arabella TP