Studio Sessions: Tyson + Peppa Talks With Smoking Martha

Australian rock band, Smoking Martha, is by far one band to keep your eye on. Their vintage rock sound mixed with their unique style and electric performances are captivating audiences all over Australia. With their upcoming album launch in April this year, I decided to take five with the band - and throw in a bangin' shoot at Brisbane's best art gallery, TW Fine Art, because art x rock x fashion = so much goodness.

1)  The first thing I’d like to talk about is your early days with songs like Ebb of the tide.

Mick and I originally started writing together acoustically with the intention of forming a kick ass heavy rock band. Ebb of the Tide was one of the 1st and still a fave, I wrote the lyrics while I was in Spain. The song is actually about turning into a different person after a bit too much to drink. We wanted to release this one with big production so we have held onto it.

This song has been revamped and will be featured on our debut album. 

2)  What were the first things you wrote?

Quite a few Songs that will never make it onto a recording ha ha. Fake promises and bad choices were some of the really early ones and are still enjoyable to play from time to time.

3)  ‘Say You’re Mine’ is the lead single from your upcoming album. Can you tell me about the direction behind the song and the video?

Say You're Mine is full of energy and one of our most dynamic tracks; I don’t think we will ever get sick of playing it. Lyrically the song is about commitment and fear of, we wanted to capture the emotion behind the lyrics, therefore focusing quite a lot on the vocals. The video was directed by Tyson from Tyson Lloyd films who was awesome to work with.

4)  Your sound seems to have developed an even edgier sound than your last album release. What has inspired the new album?

Vulnerability, our struggle and our dreams and desires!!

We are starting to really find our own sound, we are growing so much together as a band. I’m excited to see what we come up with next.

5) Can you describe your new single that is coming out in March?  And how was shooting the video for that?

The new single is called “What’s her Name” a very band driven, high energy track, lyrically a little dark and obsessive. But open to interpretation like all of our tunes.

This music video was also directed by Tyson Lloyd, it was so fun to film, and we had amazing and talented actors and crew. We had a great time working together and we think that will really show in the end result. And we got to break shit.

6)  Where can we catch you guys playing in 2017?

We will be playing a series of shows around the country from April 2017 to launch the album.

7) Who is your style icons?

Debbie Harry, Catherine Baba, The Runaways Cher  - A lot of love for 70s rockers!

Tash Doherty, lead singer
Yousef Akbar jumpsuit
Alex Perry Corset
Ginger + Smart heels

Mick Broome, guitar
Dion Lee bomber
Aaron ruutz guitar
Dylan Kain scarf
Vintage YSL tuxedo jacket

Matty Mulheran, bass
Vintage leather jacket

Jordon Poynter drums
Vintage leather vest

Photography by Tamika Keioskie


Arabella TP