How to bling in the holiday season

Gloves are more than just accessories, they're a statement. 

At this point of the year we are smack-bang in the middle of part-ay season.

Holiday get togethers, wedding celebrations & summer night's out with friends.

With that in mind we are all wanting to keep cool and stay looking even cooler.

Insert Yousef Akbar.

This season Sydney based designer Yousef Akbar delivers the bling to a whole new exciting level, embellished gloves! Styling a simple yet affective accessories such as embellished gloves, will take you from Spring to BLING in a heartbeat! 

Adding a single piece(s) of couture to any outfit will make you're Holiday season outfit a sure-fire winner!

Think simple silhouettes, breathable fabrics and eye-catching accessories to get you from A to B and even to C!

Arabella TP